Welcome to the Official website of The House Abrahamid. The House Abrahamid represents descendants, from father to son, of the Patriarch Abraham (A.C.N. MM) by Highest and Oldest Lineages of the World. 200 Illustrious Houses have been identified as descendants and form The House Abrahamid, one Family. Today, I have the honor to announce the creation of an Organisation that brings together all Members of its Houses around Sacred Universal Values and particularly those based on the Family. We have a World of Love and Peace to build together. An invitation I send you to the common project of The House Abrahamid. In the Unconditional Love, in the Universal Peace and in the Greatest Respect, His Most Gracious Archimperial and Archroyal Highness Archprince Michael

The House Abrahamid and God

By its relationships of the first importance with God, The House Abrahamid gave to the World: Patriarchs, Prophets, Chief and Grand Rabbis, Rabbis, Virgin, Messiah, Popes, Grand Imams, Imams, Muezzins, Sharifs, Caliphs, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Abbots and Abbesses, Priests, Canons and Canonesses, Archdeacons, Deacons, Vicars, Monks and Nuns, Founders of Hospitals, Founders of Monasteries, Founders of Saint Places, Fathers and Mothers, Brothers and Sisters, Saints Men and Women, Venerable Men and Women, Spiritual Heads, Senior Representatives of God, Defenders of the Faith in God, Grand Masters of Prestigious Orders, Religious Men and Women.

The House Abrahamid and Empires, Kingdoms, Principalities, Duchies, Marquessates, Counties, Viscounties, Baronies, Lordships, Emirates, Caliphates or Taifas

By the Grace and the Love of God, Members of The House Abrahamid played a sacred role of great importance to Guide and to Develop societies in West, Middle-East and East areas. Today again, Archprinces and Archprincesses, Members of The House Abrahamid, play the same role with an Infinite Devotion and intend to Be Guides by following Sacred Universal Values of Our Global Human Civilization for a better Quality of Life on earth.

The House Abrahamid and Sacred Universal Values

The House Abrahamid have the Will to Defend and to Transmit its Fundaments: Acceptance, Altruism, Appreciation, Aspiration to a Higher Level, Beatitude (Absolute, Eternal and Infinite Happiness), Beauty, Benevolence, Capacity of Decision, Change, Charity, Compassion, Connection, Consciousness, Courage, Creation, Culture, Dedication, Discernment, Discretion, Donation, Education, Emotion, Empowerment of the Individual with regard to the Group and Women with regard to Men, Equal Dignity of All, Equality between Men and Women, Fair, Faith in God, Feeling, Fidelity, Forgiveness, Freedom of Choice, Fulfillment of a Promise, Generosity, Goodness, Grace, Greatnesses of Soul, Gratitude, Health and Hygiene, Honesty, Hope, Hospitality, Human Brotherhood, Humility, Joy of Living, Justice, Kindness, Knowledge, Leadership, Listening, Living in the Moment with Perspective, Love in Harmony, Magnanimity, Meditation, Non-Infringement, Non-Interference, Non-Judgement, Non-Supposition, Non-Violence, Opening of Mind, Patience, Peace, Personal Fulfillment, Plenitude, Positive Thinking, Praise, Prayer, Preservation and Protection of the Creation of God (Nature: Fauna (including Human) and Flora), Qualities of Heart, Reconciliation, Respect, Responsibility for any Action, Sanctity of Life, Security, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Love, Self-Respect and Be Respected, Self-Transcendence, Sense of Accomplishment, Sense of Belonging, Serenity, Sharing, Spirituality, Sympathy, Thankfulness, Truth, Warm Relationships with Others, Well-Being of All, Wisdom.